Yass Car Wash Winners


Redback Stickers - Car Wash giveaway

Yass Car Wash has kindly donated car wash vouchers to Yass Football Club that will be given away as prizes. For a chance to win, all you need to do is display your Redbacks sticker (provided at the open day and by your coaches with your kit) on the back of your car and if your vehicle is spotted around town you could win a free a car wash. Stay tuned on our facebook page for notifications. Stickers can be purchased from the Yass FC Canteen.

06 May 18

BS14VI Claimed

22 May 18

RCH06L Claimed
BDZ08T Claimed
DBD14Y Claimed

4 June 18

DKE-20B Claimed
CJ40XN Claimed

11 June 18

AQ 62 WR Claimed
CE 29 LV

27 June 18

CM 89 LL
DQC 80D Claimed
BS 58 ZG Claimed