An urgent plea from your club

To our Redback Family,

I hope everyone is enjoying the 2021 season so far and I am looking forward to watching our teams go around the field over the coming weeks and into the final’s series for our older age groups and senior teams.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank those that came down to Walker Park a couple of Saturdays ago and helped with the initial set up of the playing fields, cooked the BBQ or jumped behind the counter to help our canteen staff. A special mention as well to those that donned our very bright Covid Vests to help with policing our covid requirements. It was fantastic to see some new faces as well as the familiar ones in giving us a hand as this is the only way that the club can move forward. There is a Roster that has been published on Facebook and Instagram as well as on the Clubs Website for the teams whose assistance has been requested this week and for the remainder of the season.

As you will know over the last 2 seasons the Covid Pandemic has impacted everyone in not only our general lives, working lives but in our sporting pastimes as well. The volunteers of this Club during this period have worked tirelessly to ensure that we have kept abreast of all the changing and fluid situations that have been thrown at us whilst also trying to make sure that the delivery of Football to you the Players/Coaches and Supporters remained as seamless as possible.

At the Clubs AGM last September, we were unable to form an Executive Committee and for a short period of time it looked like the club would not be a viable option and would be unable to move forward. By the skin of our teeth a month later we managed to form the Executive Committee and move forward, however our pleas for help and assistance at that time with filling the other roles on the committee that were being held by already sitting committee members doing multiple roles seemed to fall on deaf ears.

At the Clubs most recent committee meeting (Tuesday 13th July)  one of the key points that was discussed was this year’s AGM and who would be looking at continuing in their current Role/s and who would be vacating their seats come September 28th. The general discussion centered on the lack of new involvement at committee level not just over the last 12 months but over a number of years as well as the toil that getting the club through Covid had taken on volunteers who had not only been fulfilling the requirements of a single role within the club but that of numerous roles. The other main point highlighted was that at present the majority of the sitting committee either have no children representing Yass at any level or have children that are coming to the end (due to age) of their involvement with the club at junior level and we are not seeing any inclusions to the committee from individuals with children at the start of their Junior soccer.

The outcome of these discussions was that the club will need to fill the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary as well as Treasurer at the next AGM before it can even move forward and look at filling any of the other roles that were filled or unfilled from last year.

This is a plea to anyone out there that has children playing at this club, now is the time to come forward and help out at committee level. If we do not fill the positions stated come the 28th of September Yass Football Club will cease to exist and the option to play football in Yass will become non-viable.

This Football Club is a massive part of the sporting community in Yass, hundreds of kids, your kids love this game and without it there will be a hole in the sporting landscape on Yass.

The current committee is well prepared to help out where possible with any new inclusions to the committee to ensure that the years of hard work put into this club continue into the future, if you are able to help please make contact with either myself, or any other member of the committee via the contact details on the Yass Football Clubs website or simply just approach us to discuss things on any given Saturday.

Thank you for your time

Paul Jephcott
Yass Football Club